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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Fracaso Tea believes in helping customers as much as it is possible. It has an expansive cancellation policy. According to this policy:

The cancellation process will be accepted only when the request is made at least 24 hours before the time of placing an order. However, cancellation requests are not considered after the order has been processed and started the shipping process.
There is no cancellation of orders made under the Same Day Delivery category.
* There are no cancellations accepted in the case of products included in the Fracaso Tea promotional schemes or special Occasions. These are special occasion offers that are not available for a limited time so cancellations aren’t feasible.
* A total replacement will be provided to the customer if he finds that the product is not by the specifications. The cost of shipping an item to the company is the responsibility of the buyer.
If you believe that the product you received was not in line with the specifications provided, you have to submit the matter to the attention of our customer support within 24hrs of receipt of the item. Our Customer Service Team after looking at your complaint will take the appropriate action.

Refund Policy

If you purchase our products, your purchase is covered by our Refund Policy if your order is not yet fulfilled.

If you wish to request a refund, simply send us the details of your purchase in the first 24 hours after purchase. Include the purchase reference number (sent to you by email after you have placed your order) and, if you wish, tell us the reason you’re asking for the refund. We take the feedback from our customers very carefully and utilize it to continuously enhance our products and improve the quality of service. Refunds cannot be given if the orders have already been shipped. The refund process takes at least 20 working days according to the Bank
Systems and the Payment Gateway.

We can be reached info@fracaso.in or call us at our customer service telephone number +918885589985

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