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30 Days Fracaso Tridosha Starter Kit

Who We Are?

Fracaso started with a mission to detoxify and reduce the ill effects of junk food. After analyzing such harmful effects, we formulated traditional F&B ingredients infused with the power of Artificial Intelligence to increase the potency of such F&B items manifold. Other food products on the anvil will also help augment our bodies suitable ph and enzyme levels.

These herbal ingredients increase the functionality of the organs in our body since our organs work at optimal levels during certain times of the day. This led fracaso to formulate morning, afternoon, and evening herbal teas to promote proper lifestyle and proper food intake in the right manner and frequency to ensure the power to heal from within so that we may optimally perform in our modern, fast-paced lives.

Why Fracaso Tridosha Starter Kit?

  •  The Tridosha Starter Pack is the perfect way to introduce yourself to herbs and balance your Tridosha for optimal health.
  • Cleansing your body is essential for a healthy lifestyle to protect yourself from toxins.
  • Full-body essential detoxification usually takes 45 to 60 days to complete.
  •  A tongue scan is required to identify the dominant dosha type and use customized herbal teas for different body types.


Vending Bot (SANAR)

Fracaso Fracaso Vending Machine is a 21st-century re-imagination of ancient healing techniques. This unique machine dispenses herbal tea decoction based on the dosha of a particular person (as per the Ayurvedic concept). The SANAR is designed with a combination of ancient remedies and modern technology.

The Fracaso Tea detox drinks will help your body eliminate toxins and free radicals. It’s made from natural ingredients with cleansing properties so that it can improve the health of all systems in your body.

This herbal tea has numerous health advantages, such as better digestion, faster metabolism, and immune system support. In addition, it lessens stress while promoting digestion, reduce infection, improve sleep and provide antioxidants.

Why Use Herbal Teas?

Herbal teas, also known as tisane, have been used for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits for thousands of years.

They are made by steeping various herbs, flowers, and plants in hot water, and the resulting infusion can be consumed for various purposes.

Here are some reasons why people use herbal teas: 

Promote rest and decrease pressure. Boost the immune system.  Aid digestion. Reduce infection. Improve sleep. Provide antioxidants.

Fracaso Vending Machine

Fracaso Herbal vending machines can offer many benefits in today’s world for several reasons:

Convenience: Herbal tea vending machines provide a convenient and quick way for people to access a healthy and refreshing drink.

Health benefits: Herbal teas are known for their health benefits and can help to improve digestion, reduce stress, boost the immune system, and more.

Sustainability: Fracaso herbal tea vending machines are designed to be eco-friendly and hygiene.

Body Type: Herbal vending machines can offer customized teas based on the Ayurvedic principles of balance.


Herbal teas based on body type are part of the Ayurvedic tradition, an ancient medicine system that originated in India. According to Ayurveda, every individual has a unique body constitution or “dosha” determined by physical and mental characteristics.

The three doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and each dosha is associated with certain physical and mental traits. Herbal teas based on body type promote overall health and wellness.

OUR Fracaso Story

Failure inspired passion that led to the creation of something important.

We’re not sure what happened to our ancient culture and traditions, but modern life has much to do with it.
Our ancestors were skilled craftspeople who understood how to produce medicines, identify plants and use food to treat themselves when they were ill. They also knew precisely what foods would keep them well for as long as possible. All they needed was common sense and sound, old-fashioned wisdom that had been handed down from one generation to the next.
Enough of failing to understand our ancient, rich food culture and tradition! It’s time to revive our age-old healing remedies for food habits and lifestyles. We have developed a vending machine that dispenses herbal tea based on Ayurvedic wisdom, helping people discover their dosha and improve their health. It dispenses decoctions that strengthen a person’s immune system, making them healthier! This machine combines the best of both worlds—the ancient healing remedies of Ayurveda and modern technology. 


Kapha comprises water (Jala) and earth (Prithvi). It is the principle that holds the cells together to form muscle, fat, bone, marrow, and reproductive tissues, so it is called cellular glue that binds body structures together. 


Pitta is constituted by Agni (fire) and water elements. For all practical purposes, these two (water and Agni) are considered identical and include all those factors responsible for digestion, metabolism, and intelligence.


Vata is considered to be composed of the elements of space and air. Every activity in life requires it, similar to air. It facilitates suitable expiration, inspiration, locomotion, conversation and secretion.


Scan Your Tongue

You can live a happier, healthier life if you know your dominant dosha and use herbal teas to balance it.





Customers Reviews

30 Days Fracaso Tridosha Starter Kit

“To connect with Earth’s roots as a healing place.”

To combine the best of both worlds—the ancient healing remedies of Ayurveda and modern technology.

“To achieve the objective of reviving the traditional method through technology”.

To build a place where people can rediscover the natural healing power in food.

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Fracaso ventured out with a mission to detoxify and to reduce the ill effects of junk food...

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